The good and bad of buying a vehicle at Auctions

The good and bad of buying a vehicle at Auctions

Do you want to buy auction vehicles? If you are shopping on a budget, you can check out auto auctions. Most used car dealers are known to get their stock at an auto auction, but what about you as an individual car buyer? Are these auctions ideal or something to stay away from? Consider these advantages and disadvantages of buying a vehicle at Auctions.

If you do decide to buy a car this way then its always useful to know how to arrange transport for non-drivable cars if needed

The Good

-You can get a vehicle at a cheaper price

Cars at auctions are often very cheap compared to cars sold at traditional dealers and distributors. That’s why people on a budget always line up to get to almost every auto auction in the community. It is true that at auctions for confiscated cars, you can get up to 90% savings on the vehicles you buy.

-You can get quality vehicles.

The good and bad of car auctionsauctioned vehicles are not always considered poorly maintained vehicles. On the contrary, vehicles are often very well maintained at confiscated car auctions. It turns out that previous owners were unable to pay the mortgage or repossess their vehicles for certain reasons. Although some old vehicles, the vehicles in the confiscated auto auctions are between 1 and 5 years old. If you are lucky, you can drive home an “almost new” quality car at a very affordable price.

The Bad

– No guarantee, no guarantee

In contrast to buying from used car dealers, who usually offer a guarantee of at least one month, these vehicles bought at auctions are not included. As a result, they don’t know where the car came from, how long it was idle and how many owners it had. You may even have problems with the owner if they have been stolen or smuggled into the country.


Before buying a car at an auto auction, you need to go through various processes. Go to the auction site early, check the car one by one, and stretch your muscles at the time of bidding. This can only take a day, but auction site preparation and selection can take days or even weeks. If you don’t want to go through all of this, the auction is not your option.

-Some are not in good condition

Many of the cars auctioned are not in good mechanical condition. Some of them have just been refurbished and look nice and functional during the auction. However, when the buyer finally uses the cars, defects and damage appear.

Last thought

Research can and should be done before and during an auction. You don’t have to buy on a whim. Many auction houses open their stock picks for review the day before or hours before the auction. Yes, you cannot drive the car, but you can look under the hood, check the interior, and check the vehicle history using the VIN.

As a reminder, auto auctions are known to have dealers receiving their used vehicle inventory. There is no reason why you cannot eliminate the middleman and do this business yourself. Be aware, however, that there are hundreds of other ways to chosing a car at auction.